Terms & Conditions
How to place an order

How to place an order?
1. Create an account by registering with us at jambosl.com
    (i)   To track your purchase orders. 
    (ii)  To check your order history.
    (iii) To receive promotions and discounts.  
    (iv) To remember and repeat favorite orders.  
2. Select the item of your choice and its product specification.
3. Enter your delivery location and contact number (Goods will be delivered to the address given).
4. Select payment method. 
5. Once payment is done, you will receive a confirmation of the item you have purchased through an e-mail.
6. If you find any difficulty in placing the order or did not receive the email confirmation, please contact our customer support on 0712361111 or send an email to info@jambo.lk. Maldives Customers - please contact our customer support on +94704848866
Can I place an order without an account?
Yes you can Placing an order without creating an account. Simply you need to proceed as a guest but you will not have the benefits provided for account users.

Can anybody place an order?
Anyone who is above 18 years and has a valid Visa, Master or AMEX card is entitled to place an order. Children under 18 years are only allowed to buy through their parent or guardian.

How does the delivery take place?
Goods delivery will be based on the availability and the location.
Please refer the chart for free delivery zones and charged ones. Special deliveries can be accommodated with an additional fee and for further information please do talk to our customer care team.
Goods will only be delivered to the locations given by the chart.

Payment Method

We accept Bank Transfers, Visa and Master.

Method of Delivery

Delivery method would be based on the item you have ordered and  it would be a company vehicle or a third party delivery service provider. However, we will be responsible for the product quality and it will be delivered according to our service standard.
Delivery will be based on the availability of the ordered items, delivery location and delivery period provided on our website will neither form a condition nor a warranty on the delivery period.

Confirmation of the Payment

When you make the payment, you will receive an email confirming the purchased items.

Order status check.
1. Once payment is done, you will receive a confirmation email of the purchased item(s) via an email along with an order reference number.
2. In case of any verifications - our customer care team will call you to reconfirm your availability and the location before the delivery.
3. Please create an account and login in order to check the delivery status.

Refund Policy

In an event of a non-availability or damage to the product(s) during transportation or if the product is different to the order, we will reverse the partial (in an event of partial items) / payment back to your credit card.

How the refund process works - Refunds of Visa, Master or Bank Transfers, we will be instructing directly to the Bank to remit to the relevant card holders account or card.

Note: Any delays of dispute, please contact our customer care team on 0712361111. Maldives Customers - please contact our customer support on +94704848866



Apart from our normal deliveries to Maldives now we deliver within Colombo and its suburbs.

Minimum order level

A total order value of LKR1500 for orders within Sri Lanka. 500Kgs for the total shipment for Maldives.


For any inquires please contact our customer care team on 0712361111. Maldives Customers - please contact our customer support on +94704848866